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November 06, 2007

Left and Right Intersect on Animals

I've often said that opposition to cruelty and a compassionate concern for animals are universal values. These values are not the holdings of any political party, though there's been an assumption by some that the humane movement has been associated with the Left.

Matthew Scully, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush and former literary editor of National Review, countered that notion with "Dominion," a brilliant call to action on animal protection and a searing critique of institutional forms of animal cruelty, including factory farming, whaling and trophy hunting. The book was a commercial hit, but even more a critical success, with positive reviews by many luminaries on the Right—€”including George Will, Fred Barnes and G. Gordon Liddy.

Now, another influential conservative, Mark Levin, has written a book about his love for dogs and his concern for the welfare of animals. "Rescuing Sprite" is the beautiful story of a shelter dog named Sprite rescued by Levin and his family. By all accounts, it's also a call to action to help animals in shelters. There's a touching Q&A at National Review Online—it is €”appropriate that this comes during National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. Mr. Levin 's welcome book can be found here.

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