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October 17, 2008

Caption This: Pig Joy

I've been talking a lot lately about farm animals. And for good reason. We're in the fight of our life in California with Proposition 2. This measure would provide a better life for the state's 20 million farm animals, while paving the way for nationwide reforms against factory farming's most egregious confinement practices.

At The HSUS, all of our work centers around celebrating animals while confronting cruelty. Farm animal protection fits right into this formula. The billions of chickens, pigs, cows and other farm animals raised for meat, eggs and milk feel pain just like other animals do. They deserve our respect and compassion, and they deserve humane treatment. And, though the opponents of Prop 2 will tell you otherwise, these animals deserve enough space to at least be able to turn around and stretch their limbs or wings.

A few months ago, in celebration of Take Your Dog to Work Day, you did a great job coming up with captions for a photo of Piper, one of our dogs in the office. With compassion for farm animals on many of our minds, I wanted to try this again. Take a look at the photo below and then suggest a caption either by offering a comment or sending an email. I’ll print my favorites on the blog sometime soon.

Mother pig and piglet credit iStockphoto

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