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October 27, 2008

Talk of the Nation

Just eight days remain until Nov. 4, and there's so much at stake with Prop 2. It's an historic vote, an unprecedented opportunity for Californians to register their opposition to the cruelties of factory farming and to put a halt to them through the force of law. We need every animal advocate to assist in ways that make sense—by emailing or calling California voters, by donating to the campaign, by canvassing or leafleting, or by writing letters to the editor. We want to leave it all on the field, and not let agribusiness interests gain any advantage on us.

If we needed any further evidence of the importance of this battle, it came yesterday when The New York Times Magazine did a 4,500 word treatment of Proposition 2 and some of the key players pushing for its passage. On top of the "Ellen" and "Oprah" segments and treatments of the issue, and the separate reporting on the news pages of The New York Times and Washington Post and other major national press outlets, it's generating extraordinary attention throughout the nation. If it has this kind of impact prior to the election, you can only imagine its significance after the measure is approved by voters. We must do all we can to make that outcome a reality.

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