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October 24, 2008

Porcine Puns and Piggy Whimsy

Pig and piglet
© iStockphoto

It's been such a pleasure to read your responses to my blog from last Friday, when I asked you to suggest a caption for this picture of a pig and her piglet. Your submissions echoed The HSUS's philosophy that all animals, including the wonderful pig, deserve humane treatment. As I say in a story in today's New York Times about the battle over California's Proposition 2, the least we can do for these animals is treat them with decency and give them a semblance of life.

It was a tough task, but I've narrowed it down to ten favorites from your caption suggestions. I hope you enjoy them, and thanks to all of you who shared your passion and creativity.

10. Grinner pastures. —Sandy Grambort
9. Love does not succumb to speciesism. —Nash McCutchen
8. Mom, whatever you do, don't sneeze! —Barb S.
7. And so Prop 2 was passed… —Becky Gibic
6. Now this is what I call "hog heaven." —Barbara
5. Say it aint SOW...don't they know we are just as smart as cats and dogs? —Kimberly Ryan
4. Nobody nose love like we nose it! —Kellie Morgan
3. The way it was meant to be. —frangary
2. Thank you, California, for letting me kiss my Mom's nose! —Jenny Smith
1. Mother nose best. —Joyce Caldwell

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