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January 12, 2009

Petland: Stop Selling Puppies

This weekend, as I started receiving reports back from attendees at the 22 Petland stores where The HSUS hosted rallies urging Petland to stop buying dogs from puppy mills, I was so pleased to hear the results. Despite freezing temperatures, snow, and rain in some locations, animal advocates turned out in large numbers across the country to speak up for dogs.

We've posted photos from many of the rallies, and I am sharing a few below. I hope you enjoy them, and be sure to watch our video report about the rallies, as well.

We'll keep asking Petland to stop selling puppies from mills and to support shelter adoptions instead. Despite assurances from Petland staff and on their corporate website that Petland knows and visits their breeders, The HSUS found that many of the “breeders” who sell to the Petland stores we investigated are actually overcrowded, inhumane puppy mills, some with documented animal welfare violations. In fact, many Petland stores purchase their puppies from middleman brokers or from websites like the Pet Board of Trade, not directly from breeders. Petland is saying that the facilities are USDA inspected, but that does not guarantee that the dogs do not come from puppy mills. The USDA has no policies or regulations that bar puppy mills.

We hope to host more rallies soon if Petland doesn’t mend its ways. If you're interested in coordinating or attending a rally near you, please write to our Stop Puppy Mills campaign at

Austin, Texas:

Austin Petland rally

Des Moines, Iowa:

Des Moines Petland rally

Las Vegas, Nevada:

Las Vegas Petland rally 

Racine, Wisconsin:

Racine Petland rally

Detroit, Michigan:

Detroit Petland rally 

Fairfax, Virginia:

Fairfax Petland rally

Chicago, Illinois:

Chicago Petland rally 

Plano, Texas:

Plano Petland rally 

Sacramento, California:

Sacramento Petland rally 

St. Paul, Minnesota:

St. Paul Petland rally

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