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July 10, 2009

Second Quarter Blog Favorites

As I produce my daily postings, I'm always eager to gather your feedback and gauge the topics that resonate most with you, whether through the reaction each post receives, a surge in traffic, or the number of times the blog is shared (with the "Share or Email" button at the bottom of each of my blog posts you can easily share the blog on your social networking pages or send it by email).

Sometimes the biggest hits are predictable; other times you catch me by surprise. This quarter, the ten most popular blog posts are dominated by discussions about public figures who have an intersection with animal issues—whether President Obama’s dog selection process, Michael Vick’s interest in participating in our on-the-ground anti-dogfighting efforts, Rush Limbaugh’s public service announcements in favor of animal protection, or Ellen DeGeneres’ continuing efforts to raise awareness about animal protection. But you are also interested in our continuing achievements and progress—which tells me you are fully behind our results-oriented management approach at The HSUS. I thought you'd enjoy browsing the list:

  1. What’s Next for Michael Vick?
  2. Second Chances for President Obama, His Pup
  3. More Thoughts on Michael Vick
  4. Talk Back: Michael Vick As Messenger
  5. Gentle Ben: Before and After
  6. Pushing Forward for Primates in Research
  7. Reaching Across the Aisle for Animals
  8. The HSUS Strategy for Success
  9. A Possible Connection: Swine Flu and Factory Farms
  10. Supreme Court to Decide on Depictions of Animal Cruelty

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