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March 17, 2010

Adoption A Pot of Gold for Homeless Pets

Without deliberately intending to be unpredictable, here is an unusual entry from me in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. I found in my inbox today a YouTube clip of a yellow tabby cat, Ranj, “celebrating” the holiday. I thought it would be a good day for all of us to celebrate the joy that our cats and dogs bring into our lives.

We can also give back to the dogs and cats of the world by promoting adoption from shelters or rescue groups. If you know someone looking for a new companion, be sure to direct them to the Shelter Pet Project website, a joint project of The HSUS, Maddie's Fund, the Ad Council, and the entire animal sheltering community. It’s a national advertising campaign, and with fun, interactive tools on the website, potential adopters can find the dog or cat who’s right for them (sparkly holiday attire not included).

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