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November 02, 2010

Preliminary Report: Missouri’s Prop B

In a wave election for Republicans, preliminary numbers do not look all that promising in Missouri, where Prop B to crack down on puppy mills is on the ballot. The numbers are still rolling in, but the rural vote against Prop B is very strong and the race promises to go down to the wire. The opponents mounted a late advertising campaign, combined with a rural whisper campaign, that Prop B threatened cattle ranching and other forms of animal agriculture. Domesticated dogs are the only species mentioned in Prop B, so it was a fabricated argument, but one that got traction throughout the state. The opponents also falsely argued that current laws are sufficient, but they are just not enforced. In fact, Missouri’s standards are weak, and that’s why so many mills have congregated in the state. I’ll provide updates as more numbers roll in.

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