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April 05, 2011

Today, The Bond Begins a National Conversation about Animal Protection

Although I spent about a year writing it, The Bond (which goes on sale today in bookstores throughout the United States) is, in many respects, a life’s work for me, collecting and condensing the thoughts and experiences of more than two decades of continuous and intense animal advocacy. This cause has been a calling, and it’s been a high purpose for me to devote my life to improving the lives of animals and reminding people of their responsibilities to the vulnerable.

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But I did not write this book simply as a personal chronicle or a memoir. I wrote it to elevate the discussion about animal issues in our society, to highlight the persistent cruelty and callousness that exists, and to show a new way forward. We cannot be bystanders in the face of the suffering and cruelty to animals that’s occurring in our society. We have to do something about it.

I really do believe there’s a bond with animals that’s built into every person—a feeling of kinship and connection with other creatures, especially evident during our childhood. While that instinctive bond gives us a head start and the right inclination in our dealings with animals, there’s no doubt that these inclinations can be trumped and overcome by other forces in our culture. And in the book, I recount the many ways in which the bond has been broken—whether it’s factory farming, puppy mills, seal killing, animal fighting, or so many other unfair abuses of animals. In the end, I call for the creation of a new humane economy, arguing that we can be good to animals and also not put ourselves or society at a disadvantage. When our opponents argue that it’s one or the other, they’re offering a false choice, and I deconstruct their rationalizations and excuse-making in the book.

I’ve worked with our video team on a series of short broadcasts about The Bond. Here’s the latest video, capturing some of the central themes of the book.

Thanks so much for your support, and I look forward to seeing you on the road as part of a 50-city book tour I’m about to undertake.

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