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June 10, 2011

Hope on the Horizon for Rescued Animals

Rescued cat in crate at emergency shelter in Florida
Julie Busch Branaman

Animals cling to life with all they have, especially in times of distress. When our Animal Rescue Team removed cats from a horrible existence at a so-called cat sanctuary this week, they did not face animals who were angry or aggressive, even though these creatures had a right to be suspicious and wary of humans. One cat, Velcro, was so loving and trusting, reminding us of the faith that other creatures place in us. Velcro was one of nearly 700 other cats rescued, so many of them living in filth and struggling with life-threatening health conditions.

Many of you were also hopeful about the brighter days ahead for these cats:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the work that you and your teams do across the U.S. to help innocent animals. That the work needs to be done breaks my heart, but that animals are being helped and rescued from horrible situations, gives me hope. —Lisa Letendre

Oh, this just makes me so sad that these cats lived like this for so long. THANK YOU to your rescue team and everyone else involved! Whenever I see your team with the animals it brings tears to my eyes, they are always so compassionate! This is what makes me feel good to know HSUS and HSI are here to help our animals. May God bless everyone and the animals too! —Karen Wagner

My heart just broke when I read how all these poor defenseless cats were living, but now it is full of thankfulness for the people from HSUS and the others for hopefully giving them a better life. THANK YOU!!! —Jane McCulloch

Many thanks to all involved for saving these precious cats—best wishes with the work ahead. —Ellen Liss

I also wrote recently about Catori, a horse who survived a trailer crash on her way to a slaughterhouse and most recently withstood a severe tornado, along with her foal. Although another horse on this Oklahoma farm, Elvis, eventually died from his injuries, several of you were glad to know that he was saved from neglect and given the love he deserved during the last few years of his life:

What a heartbreaking, yet ultimately uplifting story. Elvis, Catori, and the other horses who went through such challenges remind us that each animal, like each human, has his or her own personal life story filled with both joy and pain. The perseverance evidenced by Elvis’s amazing will to survive leads me to believe that while he experienced much sadness in life, the love he was given at the end allowed him to fight to stay around a little longer. Thank you for sharing this story of love in the midst of tragedy. —Candis Fugitt

Oh my, I am beyond words to learn of Elvis and his amazing spirit and desire to live. What a sad story; what a noble creature. My heart is so full, thinking of what he endured and how, finally, he knew he was loved. —Pamela Myers-Lewis

The Walling family fostered these horses through Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue, and I’m happy to report that the family has since decided to permanently adopt Catori, her foal Moonstruck, and another tornado survivor, a blind pony named Fiona.

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