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August 10, 2011

Graduation Day for Humane Society University Students

If our cause is to succeed, it cannot rely on passion alone. We must have an army of personnel and volunteers who can effectively carry the message and provide high-quality services for animals. The animals deserve the highest performance, and that’s achieved through concentrated study, practical training, the application of best practices, and sound marketing and business management principles.

Would-be engineers, scientists, lawyers, and writers typically don’t just launch into their fields; they compete for top jobs only after they excel in their studies and training. The same thinking should apply for the cause of animal protection. But there have been very limited resources and opportunities for people to prepare for a profession in our field.

Student Christiana Remick accepting her Bachelor of Science Degree from Humane Society University president Andrew Rowan
Bill Petros
Christiana Remick receives her B.S. in Animal Studies
from HSU President Andrew Rowan.

In 2009, we founded Humane Society University as the first higher educational institution in the nation with a curriculum focusing exclusively on human-animal studies and on animal welfare.

This unique institution offers classes online and in Washington, D.C. On July 16, HSU held its first commencement ceremony with a dozen students earning Graduate Certificates and one student earning the first Bachelor of Science Degree from HSU’s College of Arts and Sciences.

The graduation was a chance to celebrate the hard work of these students, and a first sampling of the thousands of students will who ultimately elect this coursework and graduate from this program.

We’ve seen strong interest in HSU’s animal-centered, academically rigorous curriculum, and in response the university will now offer master’s degrees in addition to bachelor's degrees, graduate certificates, and professional certificates. Its expert faculty members provide hands-on knowledge and skills that can help launch a career in animal protection—for example, one of the first students to receive a graduate certificate from HSU has begun a new career managing an animal shelter in Maryland. Christiana Remick impressed everyone who encountered her as a student with her devotion to learning, her passion for animal-related coursework, and the originality of her own scholarly work.

Students can choose to focus on the fields of Humane Leadership, Animal Studies, or Animal Policy and Advocacy, taking a variety of innovative courses such as Understanding the Human-Animal Bond, Animal Protection and the Environment, Animal Health and Behavior in the Sheltering Environment, and Animals and Public Policy.

HSU also continues to add new course offerings, like the recently announced Graduate Certificate in Animal Assisted Intervention. This certificate program teaches healthcare professionals how to successfully integrate animals into therapeutic treatment for physical, developmental, and mental health conditions.

If you’d like to expand your knowledge, earn a degree, or pursue a career in animal protection, take a look at our course offerings and registration for the fall term beginning Sept. 3.

If it is to succeed, every major profession and discipline in society must have a training and studies component. HSU is going to be there to provide new opportunities for people who want to devote their time and even their career to the cause of animal protection.

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