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January 04, 2012

Talk Back: Victories and Continuing the Fight against Horse Slaughter

Rescued horses - Kathy Milani/The HSUS

I’ve said many times before that our cause needs a strategic, powerful organization that can take on the big fights for animals. That’s exactly what you get in The HSUS, and why it’s so critical to continue to grow our strength.

At the end of the year, I wrote about some accomplishments, and so many of you took heart from this:


Thank you for sharing this wonderful, hopeful list of victories. Even five years ago, each of these accomplishments seemed out of reach, so it's important to note how much progress we are making. I am so grateful for The HSUS. May your power and influence continue to grow in the new year and beyond. —Tai

Congratulations to the HSUS for another victorious year of animal welfare awareness campaigns and laws to eliminate cruelties and abuses to all animals. You have my support 100 percent. I will sign petitions and write letters on behalf of animal welfare issues whenever I can.  —Ann Whittaker

Day after day I can't understand the mentality of people who abuse, mistreat, neglect, and abandon animals. It sickens me when I read and hear about it. Thank you HSUS and the other organizations for doing all you can do on a daily basis to bring attention to these practices and change them. God Bless! —Paula Sklar

You also were deeply distressed by some of the setbacks. And one that really struck a chord was the effort in Congress to nix a provision to ban horse slaughterhouses on U.S. soil. You had a lot to say. I agree with these sentiments, but it’s also a reminder that this issue had never truly been solved, because American horses have still been going to slaughter every year in Canada and Mexico. The only way to stop the problem is to pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.

Several years ago, I took in a wild mustang who was on her deathbed. Today, she's so full of life, it's nearly impossible imagining her having suffered. Seeing the footage of what's happening to our American horses is more than I can bear. I've shared Wayne's link to my Facebook page and will now contact the appropriate person in Congress. —Deborah Gilson

Horses are wonderful, intelligent animals who don't deserve this kind of treatment. How do we Americans go from worshiping Trigger and Mr. Ed one minute, to condoning wholesale cruelty and slaughter the next minute? I long for a day when people are no longer cruel to each other, or to our four-footed brothers and sisters. —Bettina Barbier

We have got to stop the idea that our American horses are food for other nations...They are a national treasure...if they need to be managed, then put selective neutering to work and set aside land solely for them and the predators that challenge them, but we Americans must manage our American horses...they must NOT be sent to other countries to be slaughtered for anything! —Jim Hines

This is horrific beyond words. I was so thankful when it was stopped before and now here we go—taking a step backward to the barbaric side of the human race—despicable! —Shelly Willis

War Horse is an extremely personal movie for me. Having shared my life with my beloved horse, Extra, for 23 years, I understand the love and devotion between Joey and Albert…I would have done anything for Extra—so Albert's actions are completely understandable to me. We owe all horses dignity, respect, and in the end, a humane death. Horses marched with us while building this country and while fighting for this country. How our government can betray this is reprehensible. I hope we can change what they have done. —Jennifer Lawyer

There are many federal government expenses that could/should be reduced for the sake of the deficit, but none is more important to me than making USDA funding related to horse slaughter to be defunded 100 percent. Pass H.R. 2966/S. 1176 as soon as possible. —Kathryn Webers

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