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May 09, 2012

Woof! Your Captions for Sutter the Corgi

Sutter Brown with Jennifer Fearing of The HSUS

Last week, I shared the story of a California corgi on a road trip to spread the word about spaying and neutering.

California Gov. Jerry Brown’s dog, Sutter, traveled with our senior state director Jennifer Fearing from Sacramento to Los Angeles—where they joined the governor and other notable public figures to promote California's new spay/neuter license plate, which will fund programs to reduce pet overpopulation in the state.

Many of you sent in creative captions about what Sutter might have to say, and here are a few of my favorites:

“Golden State, don’t overpopulate! Buy Sutter’s awesome license plate!” ―B. Sheehan

“Turn left, please. I said turn left. Right now, before it’s too late for my treats!” ―Liz Conley

“Road trip! Road trip! I bet I can spot more new spay/neuter license plates than you. Don't forget to buckle me in, though.” ―Charlotte Anne Bond

“Recycle love; adopt a shelter dog/cat!” ―Kim Kempton

"Just saying, I did it and so can you. Spay and neuter and you'll be cuter! will save lives." –Lynn Gillespie

"Arf! Let's roll!" ―Joanne Hedge

And here are a few more snapshots from the rest of Sutter and Jennifer’s trip:


Jennifer with Sutter and license plate         Sutter Brown smiling

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