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May 02, 2012

Caption Contest: California’s First Dog Hits the Road

Today Jennifer Fearing, The HSUS’s California senior state director, is heading to Los Angeles with a very special passenger: a Welsh corgi named Sutter, the dog of Gov. Jerry Brown. Sutter is a popular dog with his own Twitter account and Facebook page, and he’ll be helping promote California's new spay/neuter license plate at a press conference this afternoon. Proceeds from the plate will fund programs to reduce pet overpopulation in the state.

Jennifer sent over this photo of California's First Dog with her this morning. What do you think Sutter would say about their road trip, or about helping other animals? Let me know by submitting a comment or sending an email to I’ll feature some of my favorite captions next week.

For California drivers, now is the time to pick up the new license plates. If we hit the right number, we should be able to take a big bite out of euthanasia in the state.

Sutter Brown with Jennifer Fearing of The HSUS
Email your caption ideas to

P.S. Yesterday, I was in Salt Lake City and toured the dramatic expansion of the shelter of the Humane Society of Utah. When complete, it’s going to give the organization tremendous new capacity. Last week, I toured the Wisconsin Humane Society, one of the finest humane organizations in the country. Both groups are doing such life-saving work, and it was a great privilege to visit with their leadership and their staff and the best of the humane movement. We’ve got great people in our field fighting every day to drive down euthanasia rates and to promote the bond with animals.

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