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December 17, 2013

Blogs That Engaged and Enraged in 2013

So far this month, I’ve written about our biggest accomplishments of 2013, reported on our progress for wildlife in 2013, and taken measure of your favorite HSUS videos of the year. And I’ll continue running down our gains in particular subject areas, such as equine protection, direct care, and companion animals over the next few days. Today, I wanted to share the most clicked-on blogs of the year - another indication of the things you found important and newsworthy.

TX Puppy Mill
Mark Greenberg/The HSUS

Most of you, like me, appreciate good news. The top blogs of the year celebrate some of the gains we’ve made, with the readers’ favorite being the announcement that the U.S. Department of Agriculture finalized the rule bringing Internet sellers of puppies under the agency’s regulatory authority. When the House defeated the Farm Bill, we all celebrated its demise, because the King amendment was part of the package (the House took up a modified bill later on, and passed the measure, so the King amendment is still with us and we are fighting that battle now in the House-Senate conference committee).

You also like compelling new information, and the blogs about the American Kennel Club, cats and wildlife, and the documentary “Blackfish” got your attention. The horse meat scandal in Europe and the ongoing crisis with American horses going to slaughter also attracted a lot of views. 

What’s so unique about The HSUS is its reach into so many issues, and its decisive impact. We as a community care about so many different animals, and together, we support and applaud efforts to turn around these problems and come to the animals’ aid.

Top 10 Blog Posts for 2013 (in order):

  1. USDA Announces Landmark Rule to Crack Down on Online Puppy Mills
  2. The King (Amendment) Is Dead. Long Live the Animals
  3. Miracle Horse Returns Favor
  4. TODAY Show Exposes Link Between Puppy Mills and the AKC
  5. Widening Horse Meat Scandal Prompts Action in the EU
  6. Cats and Wildlife: An HSUS Perspective
  7. Puppy Mill Horror Uncovered in Mississippi
  8. USDA Approves Horse Slaughter, Despite Overwhelming Opposition
  9. “Blackfish” Is a Must-See Film for Summer
  10. Turn Up the Heat

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